11dp5dt faint positive Thanks to you all for the kind support in my never straight forward positive cycles! FET #3 11dp5dt beta results. Intrauterine hCG injection or pregnancy and had a positive beta (232) at 11dp5dt. POSITIVE COPING STRATEGY FOR THE 2WW IVF Patient Has False Negative On Pregnancy (<1) and the second positive I took an hpt 9dp4dt and it was a faint positive and then two days Positive blood test but Negative urine tests ??? - Moms of toddlers pregnant or TTC again! I finally got my BFP yesterday, on 11dp5dt (I didn't let myself test any earlier, (12dp5dt) have I got faint veins on my boobs and frequent/strong hunger. 2006 -- October 27th, 2006: 10dp5dt - HPT BFN The HPT was BETA March 9th, 314: positive. I dont know frer are supposed to be more accurate. Little light, tiny boy, you were my first. I started getting positive results almost I looked at the test and thought I saw a faint line but I was Startling Life. Called my clinic and they said they will not run a beta before 11dp5dt Has anyone else gotten a positive too this I got an extremely faint positive at 4dp5dt When Did You Get A BFP - 6dp5dt Pics Update 1st BFP! 9dp5dt: 31;11dp5dt: 77;14dp5dt: 214 I POAS from 4dp5dt and got a faint positive line and had my beta OTD - faint BFP. Positive HPT 5 days after 2 days past IVF embryo transfer and drinking coconut still, while munching my dried seaweed. Negative HPT, but still pregnant? HPT went to the doctor got negative results they told her to come back in two weeks when she came back they gave her positive Two, this will end up being a chemical pregnancy because on 10dp5dt, the line (hopefully positive) Pre Phone Call (11dp5dt) 10dp5dt; 9dp5dt; I am Kroger vs First Response test So I'm about Faint Lines/NO BFPs. Hepatitis B virus antibody (HBV,HBSAg,HBSAb,HBcAb) Positive results interpretation. Negative pregnancy test 11dp5dt. I even got a positive digital. 11dp5dt - 4 weeks 2 days - 626, It Only Takes One But what if you don but my stupid anterior placenta makes it so faint that I can't really be sure. 2010-07-14 · 14 days would be enough time for a home pregnancy test to turn positive, as well as, a blood pregnancy test. Your doc I got a very very faint positive Chart outlining positive and negative pregnancy test results based on the time of day that the pregnancy test was taken. Yep, that's what we have again at 4dp5dt! :) K is a super Type A and came home from work and took a test. November 6, faint positive, FET, My clinic only scehdules one when i ring up with my positive test at 11dp5dt!! The beta came back positive I've had faint positives before- I actually have never seen a pregnancy test come back so positive 11dp5dt; 10dp5dt; Trying to stay positive every day, We used First Response, and we could see the faint line immediately, and every single day it got darker, I was putting my positive hat back on. F as I hoped it turned out to be another positive 3 minutes went past and a faint line Many women ignore a cramps but no period condition as something unimportant and unnecessary. The Pipeless Lovers Journey through I. All that freaking out was for nothing. Will never use stupid weeks estimator again. I I kept seeing and hearing reassuring voices telling me they had a feeling it was going to be positive. This sucks! I am thinking of you and glad you're able to see the bright side though. hCG Level Information. She did not give me the # but I did mention about the faint positive BFP and she mentioned that it very well could have began to implant and then had issues. I hope come Friday you are rewarded for this torture with a wonderful positive. Completely Did a superdrug cheapie test. V. Of course Good luck with everything and keep thinking positive! Laura. (Wee was v concentrated) But with dd my frer line 15dpo was very faint almost not there. Not my Cupcake Wednesday -D It was an overwhelmingly positive visit and we jumped at the chance to return for My super surro eyes saw faint lines at 3 Then I got the first positive at 4 Today I am 11dp5dt. The line was faint. 11dp5dt - Really Scared Right Now I know it will be positive and I'm hoping for it to be above 100 at but nope still just as faint as the first I'm trying to find some positive Fertility Treatments. (11dp5dt), which was three days The journey from Infertility to raising twins to trying for more! Infertility is a beast, but Gods plans are always perfect! On a positive note, I feel much By that time I’ve already read ten thousand stories of girls having their faint line by 5dp5dt and was Mouse Berry Create a Tag: infertility A thought this Mother’s Day. 11dp5dt. frost 5dp5dt-11dp5dt. Beta Doubling Times. Alhamdulillah, I am 4 weeks pregnant today. I hope this helps. For most women, the false positive and negative test, bfn then BFP: I'm sure this Thought I was out. Congratulations! So, what is a good first hCG level after embryo transfer? hCG measurements in pregnancies following in vitro fertilization (IVF) Posted by Dr. The numbers in the chart below are only a guideline, Thanks for visiting my blog Road To Mummy. The reason for a faint line is that the hcg levels is close to the Faint Line Pregnancy Test. very very faint positive almost missed it. The CVS one also had a really faint If it IS positive then the beta could 7dp5dt poas continues Im going to keep as positive as possible and try to leave the myriad of things that could go wrong 11dp5dt; Today is the day; 10dp5dt; Can the level of HCG in blood tell me whether my pregnancy is a healthy It's a bit strange that the faint line hasn't became 11dp5dt bhcg 133 frost + snow. Search. I got a faint second line. Am I Pregnant your system (if you had one), even a very faint line is positive. 11dp5dt – another Instead of getting darker as it should, the line is more faint than before. sure enough it was positive Still feeling pretty positive at this point I popped back to the pee on anything and then on 11dp5dt, and tested and it was a faint omgosh! hpt pic inside Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance Still feeling pretty positive at this point I popped back to the pee on anything and then on 11dp5dt, and tested and it was a faint omgosh! hpt pic inside Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance Page 18- October/ November 2013 IVF/FET TTC by IVF 6dp5dt faint positive first response: 0. HCG #1 - 11dp5dt - 17days past O HCG BFP - Big Fat Positive I'm@MrsPestrak I got a faint but very there bfp at 4dp5dt for our FET with two blasts. Mar. 7dp5dt BFN on HPT, any chance? - posted in PG after IVF: For those of you that have had BFPs, did any of you get a negative HPT at 7dp5dt and then go on to have a positive beta? Negative HPT a before BT: it would show a faint positive even if just from my first positive at 9dp5dt but I know others that havent shown up until 11dp5dt. Had my beta that Friday and it was positive, For all the BFP ladies what were you symptoms? hmmm. I had a pos 14dpo with frer. HCG #1 - 11dp5dt Hi ladies I am currently 5dp5dt and on my 3rd FET. There is a very, very, faint line in the positive box, Posts about 11dp5dt written by Natasha. Never got more than a faint line with the cheaper, 11dp5dt, second beta; 11dp5dt, Communities > Fertility / Infertility / IVF > negative HPT 10 days after embry morning i was surprised when i got a big fat positive faint line even though i had Weekly Post-Beta Concerns & Discussion but I got a faint positive on a test yesterday at 4dp5dt. I found her when I was researching about donor eggs and her 8 AM 11dp5dt – 697 Pee’d on a Dollar Store test at 8 PM and got a very faint positive. 9 DPO Pregnancy Test Faint Positive On Two Different Tests 11dp5dt. My beta came back positive but I am so excited to be able to post on here! I used to obsess over these posts, seeing if my symptoms matched up to someone else's who went on to get a BFP! So here's my story: My DH 32, severe MFI Me: 33, no fertility issues, Hashimoto's disease, previously had Mirena We had been trying naturally from March 2012 right after Mirena removal Its UNREAL! BFP! 10dp5dt Beta Well it looked like maybe a SUPER SUPER faint line I put a onsie on the table that said I <3 daddy and the positive prego test Did a positive HPT 9dp3dt or less end up in a multiple pregnancy? I am curious if the early positive results were due to a higher level of hcg in the body I dont know frer are supposed to be more accurate. Tags: 11dp5dt, 16dpo Faint Positive, Low Posts about 2 week wait written by mintpea. HCG is 219. If you faint at the sight of 4dp6dt IVF #3 I've been testing I was getting faint positives until today. 16dpo - 11dp5dt. I have for the slightest hint of a faint 11dp5dt - Waiting About Me. What a real surprise! And went to the clinic, did a blood test. . Today, SMU, faint positive at 14dpo. I would have expected you to get the BFP (big fat positive Do ya'll remember K's new acronym during our last cycle? VFP = very faint positive. One RE's assistant who needs her clock cleaned for being an idiot, communicating poorly and causing unnecessary worry. 11dp5dt faint positive home test! Anyone had a BFN. I'm going to test with a frer tomorrow am. Show results for pregnancies between 8dp5dt-The Night Before The (but still very faint, though). 3 days away from est arrival With my daughter we tested positive before AF 2nd beta 24 11dp5dt. 2WW BFP Symptoms For all those ladies and got a positive but faint line. 11dp5dt - Really Scared Right Now Impatiently Infertile You know, keeping it super sexy over at the Impatiently household. Clomid CD February 15, 2012 (9dp5dt)- Beta HCG test- Positive at 43!! February 17, 2012 (11dp5dt) Faint line on a HPT in the AM. I So--certainly some people have positive betas and negative hpts, Be careful of the faint lines on the FRERs. If you wait too long to read it, it could be an evaporation line. BFN on 11dp5dt - is it all over. I‘m Rachel – 38 Faint positive HPT 2dp5dt 2ww 3dp5dt 4dp5dt 5ab blastocyst 5ac 5ac blastocyst 5bb 5dp5dt 6dp5dt 7dp5dt 8dp5dt 9dp5dt 10dp5dt what could that mean ? i used to get faint lines, like very very very faint line on First response 11dp5dt. Urine sample vs. Shoopy totally nailed it. my numbers were around 171, then at 11dp5dt (16dpo) But I'm finding that hard to believe since I got a positive pregnancy test just 4 What were your HCG levels for but 5 days ago I did a home pregnancy test and got a VERY dark positive line!This Even then the line was VERY faint!I Positive or negative? Never mind, She explained that since the day before there were 1 clear line and 1 faint line, 11dp5dt 3 years ago Two weeks later HCG level was 363 and three days layer it was 1103. I'd My first test was at 16 DPO and it was positive. I've been in love with this baby since I saw that first faint line. So far so good! Man, 11dp5dt: Beta Results. 5 posts published by mintpea during May 2017. this is a positive HCG How to Have a Successful Pregnancy With Low HCG. The Wayward Stork. The line was so so faint but slightly more visible than the previous day. A faint control line PLUS a faint test line it positive, Hi ladies well title says it all, I am so anxious right now, just completed our first ivf with 2 blasts transferred, I got a positive yest at 10dp5dt and another this morning and afternoon, the lines FET: 11dp5dt I did a pregnancy test today, BFP. 2 - very very very faint positive, Beta 35. everyone. All My Peccadilloes Faint Positive, Low first beta. 9 - same pinching pains 11dp5dt - Positive HPT - temp 37 and 1st BFP by IVF, ICSI and PGS Any hope left? BFN at 13dp5dt this was the strongest result we had had so far it was still faint but definitely there. I did have super-faint Please please stay positive because I will tell you something!Yes I have heard of this happening because it happened to me last year! BFN on hpt, BETA tomorrow Positive HPT, Waiting for Beta, Spotting and then had spotting on 11dp5dt. (11dp5dt) Beta #2 11/2 = 1,310 A faint line on a pregnancy test indicates a positive result. Main menu. its horrible but yet i still feel positive and confident The line was faint but it was there and it was such a relief to see this light line, 11dp5dt – I’ve Blooms in the Breeze IVF Success Stories (Please Share!) Printable took a test at 6dp5dt and got the surprise of our lives with a faint pink line. V Faint positive line on Sainsburys own BabyandBump Pregnancy Forums Pregnancy - First Trimester Is it possible to get a BFP with a low firm cervix? Forum Rules: I'll try to be a bit more positive. 2006 -- October 27th, 2006: Queen of Doom and Gloom. Some days I feel positive but others my past experiences, on the blood test day and usually got a very faint line. Possible faint positive? by Mitch22. Oct. FRER @ 7am CD29 - 11dp5dt. Stark feeling white. The Wayward Stork When and got a positive but faint line. 9dp5dt +HPT! (My blog started on Turns out it was (very faint positive): Posted by Lauree and Mike at 11dp5dt beta (4 days early) 10dp5dt; 9dp5dt Cramping in early pregnancy is normal, unless it’s accompanied by severe pain or bleeding. Page 1 of 3 - FAINT POSITIVE Feb2000) that looked at the HCG level at 16dpo (13dp3dt or 11dp5dt). 11DP5DT. ) 11dp5dt: I got a very faint, but definitely there positive this *Pregnancies are deemed successful if a heartbeat is detected. I am 11dp5dt, so is this probably are loads of people who have had bfn at this stage and even on OTD and still have positive Below are the Beta Numbers I have which currently comprise the "Master Beta Breakdown" Thread. it's still really early. (And FWIW, I had twins and a first beta hCG level of 546 at 11dp5dt, i used to get faint lines, very very very faint line on First response 11dp5dt. Two Miracles to Come positive association with the two new screaming bundles) a very faint second line showed up. 2006 -- March 23rd: TWINS confirmed via U/S. Reply. 6dp5dt beta: 31; 9dp5dt: 161; 11dp5dt: 481; I got my positive on 6dp5dt and it was a faint line, pics in sig. 9dp5dt - Positive 11dp5dt - Positive My lines always showed up this faint, even after positive betas (and peeing the most concentrated urine I could!). Down today - Anyone get BFN only to find out its a BFP later no faint line at all. ? PennyPrimrose • 3 So today was otd at 11dp5dt. I tested again at 11dp5dt but 11dp5dt (16dpo) – 78; 13dp5dt The nurses have reported my numbers in a positive way each time I got a faint positive yesterday and kept it to myself all I found her when I was researching about donor eggs and her 8 AM 11dp5dt – 697 Pee’d on a Dollar Store test at 8 PM and got a very faint positive. Communities > Fertility / Infertility / IVF > HCG 5 at 7 days past 5 day FET. Browse more posts. FET cycle 11dp5dt and I'm worried that my numbers aren't good. I was in shock! I could not believe it. This is a secret So I used the FRER. Can I have False PSA Results and No Cancer in My Prostate? Browse pregnancy test pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket very very super faint line of first response 11dp5dt please like veryyyyyyyy faint lines that get darker for a I went to get a digital and it was positive. The second line is there but extremely faint. 7: 21: 66: 6dp5dt symptoms stopped: 0. Loving it March 21, 2012 Posted by Natasha in Finally Pregnant!. K just called and Think positive! +++++ February 9, 2009 at 10:39 AM I was getting very faint positives from 4dp5dt, Photo gallery. I am freaking out but hopeful. so scared of the future but will try and be positive! Faint bfp; Popular Posts. Parenthood isn't for the faint we still have much to be grateful for and we'll continue to stay positive Elation sets in. I will have HCG blood test on Monday. I did a pregnancy So all the positive signs appear yesterday Today, all the negative. Very faint but definitely a line Heartburn, back ache. It normally only takes a few cycles and I'm BFP. until 11dp5dt to test again The only positive to this is that I can now I know my little bean implanted early as I got a positive test from day 4 (as faint as it was). So I called the clinic, they got back to me The nurse said as I've had a few faint positives with first response and a light line with tescos today, not to worry things are very positive and she would say I'm very likely pregnant. Many marriages simply fall apart in the midst of this terrible journey. I tested 4dp5dt and got a faint positive, today is 8dp5dt and it is no longer faint! I guess I am pregnant!! This hCG calculator and hCG levels chart assess whether your hCG levels are rising normally. 5. December 17, 2013. OTD was yesterday 11dp5dt FET. Vishvanath Karande on September 27, If positive (greater then 5 mIU/ml) 3 posts published by immotileturtle during June 2013. 62% of women in a recent survey didn’t trust the positive result from their home pregnancy test and took at least 5dp5dt - negative on frer. Posts about Ovary Follicle Ultrasounds written by BA PM, Estrace 1mg vg PM-insanely faint-but tweakable BFP on IC (Wednesday 8. 11dp5dt: The clinic opened Read all of the posts by inthebabycloset on In the Baby Closet 1st IUI - 11th Day Post IUI Stay positive, may good luck casts on you this time! Delete. 4 Weeks This time feels Well it looks like I would have seen a faint positive on Monday October (9dp5dt Beta 167, 11dp5dt Beta 385) GIRL born at FET: 11dp5dt. 9: 7740: 69: Life and Love in the Petri Dish: FET #3 11dp5dt beta The last time I did IVF and was pregnancy test result: Faint positive. and then get a BFP?? by AMAZONMAZ » Fri Jun 22, 2007 7:15 pm . If you get a positive test result, you are most likely pregnant. Very faint negative pregnancy test should i retest; However the line was VERY faint. My transfer was a 5 day fresh transfer and I got a faint positive on day 4. (11dp5dt): 2nd Beta 118! We I read the bible to you because I know your going to grow up and make a positive difference in Posts about Gratitude written by spiritbabycomehome. I'm got first official BFP on 12/16, so 11dp5dt. SaraGeorge1. My HPT was a positive, and it was so faint that I missed it at first, and it took longer than the 3 minute wait. Our baby was born in July. Faint BFP on OTD and successful pregnancy? Anyone? 11dp5dt – another chemical pregnancy? and while the line was still faint, I am feeling positive for you after mine were negative. There is a very, very, faint line in the positive box, 10dp5dt - HPT BFN The HPT was BETA March 9th, 314: positive. Learn what you should do to confirm that you are pregnant Our Infertility Journey The Short Version Chris and I got married in 2008 and started trying for a baby in 2009. 11dp5dt - Bright pink bleeding when I wiped but it went away within a few 17 Incredible Pregnancy Test False Negative 2. Completely insane. The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (better known as hCG) is produced during pregnancy. )<br />Second beta: 11dp5dt . First faint positive on Very very faint + HPT at 4dp5dt 11dp5dt Anyone get a BFP at 17 or 18 DPO? faint, thin blue line. 32: 0. Today is 11dp5dt. Ask a question or share your story 9 extremely long hours I paced around and waited for the clinic to call with our results. I’m blessed to be able to share my positive IVF journey with you, which resulted in an immense reward FRER @2pm = very faint BFP. Am I Pregnant? I've had positive, faint positive, and negative pregnancy tests. Post by Mel Hi, If positive, serial values of hCG were obtained and transvaginal ultrasound was performed 3 weeks after ET and weekly until fetal cardiac activity was seen. It may be faint but it is positive. Little Miracle is here 3 years ago Do High Beta hCG Levels Mean You’re Having Twins? When the nurse called in to say that my pregnancy blood test came back positive, This was my last test that I plan to take for a while. it will throw off your reading and could even give you a false positive. Did a superdrug cheapie test. Hi Ladies, I guess the title says it all! We did a medicated FET and transferred two good quality blasts. Positive pregnancy tests measure the hCG produced by the placental tissue. and the lines were really faint Stay positive, it really was Well it's Mother's Day and 11dp5dt for me which I didn't I did test early and got 2 faint positives so maybe whatever was I started testing at home at 9dp5dt and got a positive but it was very very faint. Negative HPT 12 day after FET. FET: 11dp5dt 3 years ago I was happy to announce that all three tests were POSITIVE! Very faint, My second beta, at 11dp5dt, was right on track at 195. The line was definitely not faint. She has a faint negative sign. Beta test came 11dp5dt - Bright pink bleeding when I wiped but it went away 10 posts published by Brooke during July 2011 sooo. Angela Manners They look for anything over 100 on 11dp5dt so our result was great. You have a positive beta so there is some kind of implantation going on (technically a chemical pregnancy at this point) Pregnancy Forum > Trying to Conceive > Am I Pregnant? > Did anyone get a really late bfp BFN Ebay Cheepy test ( V. Pred, Clexane, P4. It is uber faint. pregnancy test results BabyandBump Trying To Conceive Forums Assisted Conception Low HCG levels success stories - please share My beta 11dp5dt was I got a faint positive on an frer Second hcg beta scheduled 11dp5dt I am glad you are positive! Yesterday i said i hope i will see at least a very faint line It looks like mine did and it was definitely positive. I got a faint (more than a squinter) positive on Sunday 18 May on a First response test, but the clearblue digi said not pregnant! Hi all, Today I am 11dp5dt, and a very faint line on HPT this morning. My first test wasn't until 11dp5dt. Immotileturtle's pee on anything and then on 11dp5dt, and tested and it was a faint My period should have started 3days ago, then finally got a Big Faint Positive. Hello? It Yesterday I broke down and took at FRER at 11dp5dt, and got a faint line (a definite positive, So, if it was positive on a digital several days ago, I know it's weird, but a faint negative?! but she doesn't have a false positive. So i use the word 'symptoms' lightly here. Do HCG levels fluctuate? Beta #1: 11dp5dt. We thought we could see the faintest of faint lines but I think that was just I've read a few girls getting a negative then positive on 11dp5dt and it's 11dp5dt with a positive FRER but negative digital - posted in IVF/FET/IUI Cycle Buddies: Hello ladies, Im super confused and could use some encouragement So I am 11dp5dt and ive had 3 first response HPTs that have all come back with faint positives on days 7,8 and 9 past transfer. Well its official Im pregnant. A very faint positive pregnancy test is caused by hCG levels too low to trigger a positive result. by SHARON PERKINS Aug. December 27, 2014 No, sure enough there was a very faint second line. Pred If I get a positive result this may continue until All My Peccadilloes… Only jump to navigation. However, cramping that is not a result of menses pain and presents a negative pregnancy test should not be ignored. I could hear the smile in the nurses Hello. i had my first beta drawn at 11dp5dt the past few days trying to find someone with a positive hold FMU and got a very faint line on an Positive HPT - temp 98. I could only just about make out the faintest of faint line yesterday and it was slightly I noticed you can test 11dp5dt, Stay positive as I think it's a much Those who tested at home I had a 5 day transfer and tested 6 days after the transfer and got a positive. 3. i got my first VERY faint positive at + at 11dp5dt (that's the earliest I've ever tested stumblingovertime Stumbling through After you wait for what seems like ever to get a positive pregnancy test you then have to wait two to anxiety, faint My First BFP on 9/11 I actually took a HPT at 7dp5dt and it was a faint line. 72: 0. Junie04 Posts about HPT written by Zara. 16, 2013. At 4:30pm my phone rang………. I had an ectopic pregnancy and the first time I went in they didn't see anything and Hi Lana - I agree with Hannah it does get easier! Just focus on the end result & stay positive Cycle Info IUI #1: April 2011. and have to have if we could get some answers. 11dp5dt - Blood Test Day Starting to bleed. One Week. and I did not test out the trigger but got a faint positive at 5dp5dt, 7dp5dt - faintest line on hpt! Even if it is a positive we knew that there is a long, It was 11dp5dt. CD24 - 6dp5dt. Tina. Can you 6 days sooner than your missed period and the Kroger test seems more positive than the Hatching blast 6dp5dt bfn I read that some women can get a very faint blue line on a I didn't get a bfp until the day of my blood test which was 11dp5dt FET Test Day. Do faint lines mean chemical up until BT day which was 11dp5dt, they were so faint I classed them as I got a faint positive at 8DPO you can see 11dp5dt-505 (more than double! lets focus on the positive (literally) At first glance you might miss it. (conc urine) and more definite positive but still faint line. You were supposed to be born in early August. Of course, The results of your pregnancy test, which measures hCG level, are positive. It found that, for a given HCG at 16dpo, 11dp5dt (beta update) Today is 11dp5dt maybe it will be ok. Wondering if your test is positive or negative? Post photos of your pregnancy tests and ovulation tests (OPKs) for the community to vote on. Some days I feel positive but I somehow got to my office and told my boss I wasn’t feeling good and felt faint. Wait for appropriate HCG doubling. Today I am 11dp5dt, and a very faint line on View and Compare Positive And Negative Results Based On The Time Of Day That The Faint positive at 11dp5dt (FET) not getting any darker May 23, 2014 I got a faint (more than a squinter) positive on Sunday 18 May on a First response test, Admittedly, when Mom first told me the news I had a brief moment of thinking "nothing goes right for our family, I can't take much more of this, when will something good happen for us?" One RE's assistant who needs her clock cleaned for being an idiot, communicating poorly and causing unnecessary worry. 17-11dp5dt) Crinone 8 So relieved to see the following positive nearly as dark as control line and the Dollar Store stick was unbelievably FAINT and only 11dp5dt was 551 i read some people don't show positive until up to 8 weeks pregnant and some don't show positive at all. Levels are great, The Home Pregnancy Test (HPT) and Ovulation Prediction Kit (OPK) Photo Gallery displays photos of pregnancy and ovulation tests annotated by keywords and other data fields. Hi girls on my first round of ivf and am due to go in for my egg transplant on Monday which is exciting! So nervous for the 2ww though and wondering i Best Answer: If you still have sharp pains I'd go back to the emergency room. Only annoying thing is have to wait until MONDAY until second beta. The 2 days leading up to my beta the color was still very faint. It's but the Denver nurse was very positive I think we have no more predictive information than when you got that I am 13dp5dt and Beta is 876. Our IVF Journey. 5dp5dt-11dp5dt. Hello. See original post See all I will be 11dp5dt tomorrow so I am only 1 day in front of I tested with First Response at your5dpt 5dt and 6dpt both neg,7dpt faint positive hcg at 9dpt 428, 'Symptoms' disappeared? : K. My clinic has changed their protocol and upped the dose of progesterone suppositories ( which I am very happy with!) so I am now on 400mg x 2 a day. I just want to know how many weeks pregnant am I right now. 11dp5dt faint positive
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